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Code Id NAVO-SD-102
Cross China from Irkstan (China-Kyrgyzstan border)
Gyirong (China-Nepal border)
P.S. Self-drive from northwest to southwest China
Duration 16 Days.
Areas Xinjiang, Tibet
Itinerary Irkstan-Kashgar-Jieshan Daban-
Rutog-Mt Kailash-Manasarovar Lake–
Mt Everest-Gyirong
Highlights Kashgar Bazzar, Mosque, Abakh Hodja Tomb, Banggongcuo Lake, Manasarovar Lake, Mt Kailash, Mt Everest, etc.
Itinerary day by day
01 Irkstan---Kashgar Hotel
Enter China, and deal with the related procedures. Drive to Kashgar.
02 Kashgar Hotel
Visit Kashgar Sunday Market , the Mosquee Idkar, Abakh Hodja Tomb etc.
03 Kashgar—Yecheng 260kms Hotel
Half day visit at Kashgar and then we drive to Yecheng in the afternoon
04 Yecheng---Maza 250km Hotel
Drive to Maza and visit along the way.
05 Maza---Dahongliutan—Tielongtan 360kms Hotel
We drive to Tielongtan and prepare for the next day’s challenge. On day 7, we will drive the highest points among this route, over 5500m above sea level. This is also the most challenging road among all 4 roads to Tibet.
06 Tielongtan—Jieshandaban (5600m)—Songxi---Rutog 370kms Hostel
We drive pass the highest point—Jieshandaban and then drive to Rutog. Very beautiful and grand view in far west China most rural places.
07 Rutog---Shiquanhe---Zhada 350kms Hostel
We visit the beautiful Bangongcuo Lake in the morning near Rutog, and then drive to Zhada in the afternoon.
08 Zhada---Mt. Kailash 220kms Hostel
We visit the famous Tuolin temple and mysterious Guge Kingdom Ruins near Zhada and then we drive to Mt. Kailash in the afternoon.
09 Mt. Kailash Hostel
Whole day visit at Mt. Kailash.
10 Mt. Kailash---Manasarovar Lake Hostel
Drive to visit Manasarovar Lake, the holy lake of Tibet.
11 Manasarovar Lake---Zhongba 320kms Hotel
We leave the holy mountains and lake and then drive to Zhongba and waiting for our tour to Mt Everest---the highest place of the world.
12 Zhongba---Lhaze 495kms Hotel
We drive along the grand plateau and go to Lhaze.
13 Lhaze---Dingri---Mt Everest 240kms Hotel
We drive to Mt Everest, the highest place in the world and this is also one of the highlights of this tour.
14 Mt. Everest---Dingri Hotel
Whole day visit at Mt. Everest and you can walk to the base camp and take photos from afar etc. Free walk around today here.
15 Dingri—Gyirong 340kms Hotel
We leave the world roof and drive to Gyirong from Dingri, and prepare for the exit the next day.
16 Gyirong—Nepal 30km
Exit China to Nepal from Gyirong today.
Note 1, This itinerary may be a little tight for some guests, if your style is relax one. Considering both enjoyment and economical aspects, we try to make the tour full of visit and shows different things to you within a limited time.
2, If your tour is a customized one, you may tell us your need and we can adjust the itinerary for you according to your personal needs.
3, If you join the group, we need to consider all the guests’ need. If you have any question about the route and road condition and driving time, please contact us further more.
4,If you could have 4 days more, we can organize a tour to Lhasa---the holy city, Gyantse where is famous for the fantastic Palkor Monastery, and Shigatse where is the center of back Tibet etc. If you want this and have 4 more days, just feel free to tell me and we will organize that for you.

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