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Code Id NAVO-D-113(Kashgar--Mohan)
Title Cross China from Kashgar to Mohan(China-Laos border)
P.S. Self-driving from west China to south China.
Duration 24days.
Areas Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai,Shanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan
Itinerary Kashgar—Turpan—Dunhuang—
Lanzhou—Qinghaihu Lake---
Jinghong –Mengla—Mohan
Difficulty 5-3
Highlights Kashgar Bazzar, Turpan Grape Valley, Gaocang ancient town, Sugong Tower, Maza minority village, Hami King Tomb, Dunhuang Mogao Grottos, Jiayuguan Great Wall, Qinghaihu Lake, Taer Monastery, Lanzhou, Xi’an ancient city, Terra-Cottas Warriors, Chengdu, Panda Research Base, Bamboo Forest in Southern Sichuan, Yunnan Stone Forest, Yuanyang Rice-Terrace, Jinghong, the tropical Botanic Garden, Minorities villages etc.
Observation Site Introduction This is a classical driving route in China. It includs the famous Silk Road, Xi’an, Pandas, and ethnic minorities. This route show you the real China both the natural beauty and the culture folks etc.

NOTE:Since the driving tour is a special and flexible tour, and the route is for reference, and we may adjust it according to your prefference.
Itinerary day by day
01 ---Kashgar
Enter China, and deal with the related procedures. Drive to Kashgar.
Note: There are 3 border ports near Kashgar. They are Tourgat(Kyrgyzstan border), Irkshtan (Kyrgyzstan border) and Kunjerab (Pakistan border). You may choose the one you would like to go,and we can help you to go through the port successfully.
02 Kashgar
Visit Kashgar Sunday Market , the Mosquee Idkar, Abakh Hodja Tomb
Note: The bazzar on Sunday at Kashgar is very famous, and if you can visit Kashgar on Sunday, it will be fantastic.
03 Kashgar/Aksu/Kuche (690km)
Drive on the way, viewing the beautiful Xinjiang Gobi. Very long driving today, more than 690km, but the road condition is very good.
04 Kuche/Kuerle/ Turpan (640km)
Drive on the way. Long driving on good road.
Note: The Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Grottoes at Kuche and the Kuche Grand Valley are very beautiful, but it will cost more than half day to visit. If you are interested, you may add one day more at Kuche for visit.
05 Turpan
Visit Turpan, the Jiaohe ancient city, Sugong Tower, the Grape Valley, Kaner Well etc, the Flaming Mountains etc.
06 Turpan/Shanshan/Hami 390km
Visit the oldest Uygur villiage---Maza Villiage in Tuyu valley, Visit the desert park near Shanshan and the Hami King Tomb.
07 Hami/ Dunhuang (400km)
Drive to Dunhuang in the morning, and visit the Dunhuang Grottos, the moon spring and the Mingsha Sand dunes in the afternoon.
08 Dunhuang /Jiayuguan (390km)
Visit the Jiayuguan Pass.
09 Jiayuguan/Zhangye/MIngle (310km)
Visit the Zhangye on the way, and then drive to Mingle.
10 Mingle/Qinghaihu Lake (480km)
Drvie to Qinghaihu, and visit the Birds Island there.
11 Qinghaihu-Kumbum-Lanzhou (420km)
Visit the famous Taer Monastery which is one of the top 6 monastery of yellow sect Tibetan Buddhism.
12 Lanzhou---Xi’an
Drive on the way.
13 Xi’an
Visit Xi’an (Terra Cotta Worriors etc)
14 Xi’an/ Hanzhong/ Ningqiang/Guangyuan (560km)
Drive on the way
15 Guangyuan/Jiange/Langzhong ancient town (220km)
Visit Jiange and Langzhong ancient town where the local folk and customs are well kept.
16 Langzhong---Chengdu (440km)
Drive to Chengdu, the famous city of leisure, the capital of ancient Shu Kingdom. Free in the afternoon. If you are interested, you may visit the Chengdu Panda Research Base which is one of the highlights in tour in Chengdu, because Sichuan is the hometown of Panda bears.
17 Chengdu—Yibing---Bamboo Forest in Southern Sichuan (410km)
Note: The famous Leshan and Mt. Emei shan is near this road, if you are interested, we may add 2-3days Leshan and Mt. Emeishan into this route.Leshan is famous for its giant buddha. It is the largest stone buddha in sitting gesture in the world. The buddha was carved into the cliff-face, and towering 71 meters high. Which the Mt. Emeishan is one of the top 4 buddhist mountains in China. In the Emeishan Mountain, you can see the clouds sea, the grand Buddha at the mountain summit, the grand buddha hall, the wild monkeys, the grace forestsand beautiful rivers etc.
18 Bamboo Forest in Southern Sichuan--Zhaotong--Kunming (640km)
Long driving today.
19 Kunming/Stone forest/Jianshui (260km)
Visit the Stong forest near Kunming and then drive to Jianshui.
20 Jianshui---Yuanyang (90km)
Visit the Jianshui ancient city in the morning then drive to Yuanyang.
21 Yuanyang---Honghe—Yuanjiang (140km)
Visit the Yuanyang for its famous Rice terrace which is regarded as the paradise for the photographors.Then drive to Honghe
22 Yuanjiang--Jinghong (350km)
Visit the highest bridge in the world----Yuanjiang High Bridge and nearby, then drive on the way.
23 Jinghong/Mengxign/Mengla (200km)
Visit the Ganlanba Dai village, Menglun Tropical Botanic Garden and minorities villages at Jinuo Mountain.
24 Mengla/Mohan/Exit
Drive to the border port Mohan, and exit China to Laos.

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