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Code Id NAVO-SD-211 (Mohan-Chengdu-Horgos)
Title Cross China from Mohan to Horgos via Chengdu city (Laos-China-Kazakhstan)
P.S. Self-drive through China from Yunnan to Xinjiang via Silk Road
Duration 22 days
Areas Yunnan-Sichuan-Shaanxi-Gansu-Qinghai-Gansu-Xinjiang province
Itinerary Mohan-Jinghong-Yuanyang-Xichang-Chengdu-Xi’an-Lanzhou-Xining-Dunhuang-Hami-Turpan-Urumqi-Sayram Lake-Huocheng
Season Mar.-Nov.
Highlights Yuanyang Rice Terrace sunrise/sunset; Chengdu Panda Base; Xi’an, Terra-Cottas Warriors; Kumbum (Ta'er Monastery);
Qinghaihu Lake; Dunhuang Mogao Cave; Turpan world 3rd lowest place; Silk Road.
Itinerary day by day
01 Laos-Enter China by Mohan-Mengla  [Enter Yunnan prov.]
Entering China and to through all procedures.
02 Mengla-Menglun-Mojiang 390km
Drive to Mojiang for staying overnight.
03 Mojiang-Yuanyang 210km
Drive to Yuanyang and enjoy on the road.
04 Yuanyang-Jianshui-Kunming 280km
Drive to Kunming via Jianshui ancient town. Enjoy on the road.
Yuanyang Rice Terrace: Hani People lived generation by generation, and famous by its sunrise/sunset for photographing.
05 Kunming-Xichang [Enter Sichuan prov.] 500km
Drive to Xichang by almost expressway.
Xichang:For Yi people's living areas, with the Lake of Qinghai and sufficient sunshine, it's an beautiful ethnic city for Chinese people's holiday.
06 Xichang-Leshan Giant Buddha 430km
Drive to Leshan by expressway for about 6.5 hours. After arrival visit the world heritage-Leshan Giant Buddha.
07 Leshan-Chengdu 150km
Drive to Chengdu by expressway for about 2.5 hours. Visit around in Chengdu after arrival.
Chengdu: Given its resident's laid-back attitude and long-established penchant for hanging out in teahouses, it is frequently ranked among the nation's most liveable cities. And it's a historic city with above 2500 years already.
Chengdu Panda Base: where you can have a close touch with lovely Giant Panda.
08 Chengdu-Jiange-Guangyuan 310km
Drive to Guangyuan via Jiange. Enjoy on the road.
09 Guangyuan-Xi'an  [Enter Shaanxi prov.] 470km
Driving day and enjoy on the road.
10 Xi’an
Xi'an city: Its fabled past is a double-edged sword. Primed with the knowledge that this legendary city was once the terminus of the Silk Road and a melting pot of cultures and religions, as well as home to emperors, courtesans, poets, monks, merchants and warriors; visitors can feel let down by the roaring, modern-day version. But even though Xi'an's glory days ended in the early 10th centtury, many elements of ancient Chang'an, the former Xi'an , are still present.
The options: the hundred years old city wall, drum tower, bell tower, and Shanxi Historical museum, one of the three best historical museums in China.
11 Xi'an-Lanzhou [Enter Gansu prov.] 680km
Driving day by expressway.
12 Lanzhou-Kumbum-Qinghaihu Lake [Enter Qinghai prov.] 310km
Drive to Qinghaihu Lake. Visit Kumbum when via.
13 Qinghaihu Lake-Mingle-Zhangye  [Enter Gansu prov.] 420km
Driving day with almost country road. A long driving day for about 9 hours.
14 Zhangye-Jiayuguan 230km
Before leave, visit around in Zhangye. Then drive to Jiayuguan for staying overnight.
•Danxia landform national park: Amazing colorful mountains.
15 Jiayuguan-Dunhuang 400km
Drive to Dunhuang by expressway for about 7 hours. Have fun at Jiayuguan when via.
Jiayu Pass: the largest and most intact pass of the Great Wall of China
16 Dunhuang
Visit in Dunhuang, Mogao Cave, Sand Sounding Dunes&Moos Spring etc.
17 Dunhuang-Hami  [Enter Xinjiang prov.] 400km
Drive to Hami. Enjoy on the road for charming Silk Road.
18 Hami-Turpan 400km
Drive to Turpan by expressway for about 6 hours. Visiting around Turpan after arrvial or when via.
19 Turpan
Visit in Turpan. •Karez well system •Grape valley •Gaocang ancient town
•flaming mountain etc.
20 Turpan-Kuytun 440km
Drive from Turpan to Jinghe for staying overnight. Enjoy on the road.
21 Kuytun-Sayram Lake-Huocheng 430km
Drive to Huocheng for about 5-6 hours; enjoy on the road for mountain passes, yurts and yaks. Have fun at Sayram Lake when via.
Sayram Lake: located in the Bortala Prefecture near the Tian Shan Mountains, Xinjiang, China. In the Kazakh language Sayram means 'blessing'. It is also known as Santai Haizi. It is the largest alpine lake in Xinjiang and also the highest.
22 Huocheng-Horgos-Exit to Kazakhstan
Do the exit process at custom and then help you exit China to Kazakhstan. NAVO service ends here.

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