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Code Id NAVO-SD-308B (Mohan-Chengdu- Erenhot)
Cross China from Mohan to Erenhot via Chengdu city (Laos-China-Mongolia)
P.S. Self-drive from south to north of Cultural China
Duration 24 Days.
Areas Yunnan-Sichuan-Shaanxi-Shanxi-Beijing-Inner Mongolia
Itinerary Mohan-Jinghong-Dali-Lijiang-Xichang-Chengdu-Xi’an-Pingyao- Datong-Beijing-Erenhot
Season Whole Year
Highlights Jinghong, Tropical Botanic Garden, ethnic minorities villages at Jinuo Mountain etc.; Dali ancient city; Lijiang ancient town, Tiger Leaping Gorge; Chengdu Panda Base; Xi’an, Terra-Cottas Warriors; Mt. Huashan; Pingyao ancient town; Datong Yungang Grottos; Beijing The forbidden city, the Heaven Temple, the Great Wall;
Itinerary day by day
01 Laos-Enter China by Mohan-Mengla Hotel
  Entering China and to through all procedures.
02 Mengla-Menglun-Jinghong 100km Hotel
  Accomplish the rest procedures, then drive to Jinghong.
03 Jinghong-Zhenyuan 380km Hotel
  Drive to Zhenyuan and enjoy on the road.
04 Zhenyuan-Nanjian-Dali 290km Hotel
  A beautiful driving day: The roads through mountains, villages, fields, tea gardens etc, up and down. When you drive on this road, you will feel you and your vehicle are dancing among the mountains and fields.
05 Dali-Xizhou-Lijiang 300km Hotel
  Drive to Lijiang via Xizhou ancient town. Enjoy on the road.
06 Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangri-La 175km Hotel
  Drive to Shangri-La. Visiting Tiger Leaping Gorge when via. Experience the famous Shangri-La-the Edge of Tibet.
07 Shangri-La - Lijiang 175km Hotel
  Relax in Shangri-La after get up. Then drive back and free time in Lijiang.
08 Lijiang-Lugu Lake 300km Hotel
  We may visit the famous Stone Forest in the morning and then drive to Xingyi. Beautiful Karst landscape and mountains and gorges along the way.
09 Lugu Lake-Xichang [Enter in Sichuan prov.] 260km Hotel
  Driving day with not so good road condition. Enjoy on the road.
10 Xichang-Leshan Giant Buddha-Chengdu 580km Hotel
  Driving day with expressway.430km to Leshan for about 6.5 hours then 150km Leshan to Chengdu for about 2 hours.
11 Chengdu   Hotel
  Chengdu free visiting.
Chengdu: Given its resident's laid-back attitude and long-established penchant for hanging out in teahouses, it is frequently ranked among the nation's most liveable cities. And it's a historic city with above 2500 years already.
Chengdu Panda Base: where you can have a close touch with lovely Giant Panda.
12 Chengdu-Xi'an [Enter in Shaanxi prov. ] 750km Hotel
  Driving day with expressway. A long and tired driving day today.
13 Xi’an   Hotel
  Xi'an city: Its fabled past is a double-edged sword. Primed with the knowledge that this legendary city was once the terminus of the Silk Road and a melting pot of cultures and religions, as well as home to emperors, courtesans, poets, monks, merchants and warriors; visitors can feel let down by the roaring, modern-day version. But even though Xi'an's glory days ended in the early 10th centtury, many elements of ancient Chang'an, the former Xi'an , are still present.
The options: the hundred years old city wall, drum tower, bell tower, and Shanxi Historical museum, one of the three best historical museums in China.
14 Xi'an-Terra Cottas Warriors 35km Hotel
  After free visiting in Xi'an city in the morning, After lunch drive to visit Terra Cottas Warriors and stay overnight there.
15 Terra Cottas Warriors-Mt. Hua 100km Hotel
  Drive to Mt. Huashan and visiting.
Huashan Mount: It is one of China's most five great mountains.
16 Mt. Hua- Pingyao [Enter in Shanxi prov.] 420km Hotel
  Drive to Pingyao and free time after arrival.
17 Pingyao   Hotel
  Pingyao is reputed as the best-preserved ancient walled town of China and fantastic with its •City Walls •Rishengchang Financial House Museum •Confucian Temple etc.
Walking around with the sightseeing we mentioned on above. It’s also a great photographing site.
18 Pingyao-Hunyuan-Datong 470km Hotel
  Drive to Datong. And visit the Hanging Temple when via Hunyuan.
19 Datong-Beijing [Enter in Beijing city via Hebei prov.] 350km Hotel
  Get up early and visit the Datong Yungang Grottoes. Then drive to Beijing for about 5 hours by expressway.
20 Pingyao---Taiyuan—Datong  
  Free visiting in Beijing city.
Suggestion: •Forbidden City •Summer Palace •Hutong
21 Beijing-Badaling Great Wall 74km Hotel
  Visiting in Beijing city in the morning, then drive to Great Wall for staying overnight.
Suggestion: •Tian’anmen Square •Temple of Heaven Park
22 Great Wall-Ulanqab [Enter Inner-Mongolia via Hebei Prov.] 285km Hotel
  In the morning get up early and visit the Badaling Great Wall. After that drive to Ulanqab for staying overnight. Drive for around 4 hours by expressway.
23 Ulanqab-Erenhot 343km Hotel
  Driving day. After arrival you can free visit around in Erenhot if interested in.
Dinosaur Park etc.
24 Erenhot-Exit to Mongolia Hotel
  Do the exit process at custom and then help you exit China to Laos. NAVO service ends here.

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